Teddy the Ghost Dog of Red Rocks

Teddy the Ghost Dog of Red Rocks is YA historical fiction story about the pup famous editor William Allen White bought for his children–A fun way to learn about a famous family.


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Soft Back, Hard Back

1 review for Teddy the Ghost Dog of Red Rocks

  1. Roger Heineken

    In the last century several people had experiences which made them believe Red Rocks was haunted by a canine spirit. Red Rocks is the iconic, legendary home of the William Allen White family, now a Kansas historic site in Emporia, Kansas. Editor White published editorials in his Emporia Gazette newspaper about Teddy, the family fox terrier. Anecdotes of the ghost dog haunting survived time. From this source material, Jerilynn Henrikson authored an engaging fictional story for young readers everywhere.

    From Teddy’s point of view, Henrikson tells the story of the famous family and of the 1912 visit by former president Theodore Roosevelt. She captures the intelligence and spirit of the beloved family pet in her book which is illustrated by Deb Cotterman, includes the White Teddy editorials and vintage photos of TR’s visit with his namesake dog.

    Teddy, the Ghost Dog of Red Rocks will capture the imagination of young readers and adults will find the story heartwarming. All readers will wish they had a Teddy-spirit in their lives.

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